Economics Update

Well, the Federal Reserves Open Market Committee (FOMC) has spoken, and it has kept its benchmark rate at effectively 0, and repeated its statement that the rates will remain low for an extended period.

Not an unexpected development. After all, the economy still sucks.

In real estate, mortgage applications fell overall, but home purchase applications rose. This is probably the interplay of rising rates versus the expiration of the home purchase tax credit.

In the real world, the American Trucking Aassociation’s Trucking Tonnage Index rose in March, indicating that there is something positive going on.

In the world of sovereign debt, the US Treasury 5-year bonds’ yeild rose to 2.54%, though compared to the yield on 2-year Greek bonds, which are now over 20% (!), it’s pretty cheap money.

Also note that in the continuing euro zone meltdown, Spain’s debt rating was cut S&P.

In energy and currency, oil rose on the news that the FOMC’s posture is unchanged, and the dollar rose on continued Euro zone problems.

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