Big Surprise, the New Black Panther “Voter Intimidation” Was a Manufactured News Event

Listen to GOP Lawyers Manipulating the Video at the Time

What a surprise. One of the things that had the right wing echo chamber, and George W. Bush’s corrupted Civil Rights Commission, the allegation that the New Black Panthers were somehow a part of of a Democratic voter intimidation scheme (in the blackest part of Philadelphia?).

Well it’s all a fraud, and it has been literally since day 1:

In the extended version of the footage, posted by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights this month, a police officer tells Morse to back off. That’s when the commotion begins.

The video shows someone off-screen to Morse’s left, telling the officer “I got him, I got him.” A man who appears to be Chris Hill, a Republican poll watcher who was accused of intimidating voters at the polls by another woman at the location, says “Put it down. You’ve got enough.”

Then Bartle Bull chimes in. “Don’t you threaten him with your hands. You’re threatening him. Don’t you use your hands!”


The video shows that the white Republican poll watchers who showed up to the majority African-American precinct knew exactly what kind of media sensation they had on their hands.

“We’re on the same team,” says another Republican poll watcher off screen.

“You’re f%$#ing up the story. Don’t f%$# up the story,” one unidentified poll watcher tells Morse.

“You guys are lawyers, I’m a videographer,” Morse says.

Morse told TPM in an e-mail that he doesn’t think it was Hill who was intimidating him, but says someone was.

“A couple of guys wearing SUITS were were actually intimidating ME at this point,” Morse told TPM in an e-mail. “It was certainly not Mr. Hill who told me to put the camera down. It was one or two GOP lawyers, whose names I never got and I never saw again.”

“I remember a crowd of maybe 10 lawyers (or seemingly lawyers, suits I should say, since Bull isn’t a lawyer) standing around — in the original (more famous) video — one lawyer makes it into one of the shots, but im pretty sure it was another guy — not the bald guy in the shot — who was being a dick to me,” Morse told TPM in an e-mail. “At least one person was being a dick, and I was quite angry at this point when they were telling me to shut the camera — hence the expletive (which i make no apologies for using!).”

(%$# mine)

They didn’t just edit the tape, they manipulated the taping on site at time.

The ‘Phant lawyers were attempting to edit the event in real time. 

It makes reality difficult to determine, but I always fall back on what work when the USSR was at its zenith: If they accuse you of some sort of skulduggery, it is safe to assume that this is what they are doing themselves.

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