Things That Make Me Want to Smash My Clock Radio With a Sledge Hammer

It goes off, and they have Bill “Felafel Man” Oreilly on pimping his book:

Last October, after NPR fired Juan Williams, O’Reilly went on Fox News and said NPR “is not a news organization” and “is basically a left-wing outfit” that “throw[s] out propaganda in violation of the First Amendment.” He called for “the immediate suspension of every taxpayer dollar going into the National Public Radio outfit” and likened the network to terrorists: “Terrorists want to create terror. Well what does NPR want to create? They’re intimidating, too.” To cap it all off, he called NPR “boring,” “dishonest,” and a “snake pit.”


So O’Reilly thinks NPR is a totalitarian snake-pit of pseudo-terrorism that shouldn’t get taxpayer money to promote its dishonest left-wing ideological agenda. Using taxpayer money to help sell his books, though, is perfectly fine.

And the interview itself was nauseatingly sycophantic.

Seriously, If I didn’t not donate to public radio because of their vociferous opposition to low power community radio, I would never give to them now.

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