I Just Tried a First in the Kitchen

I’ve never cooked fried chicken before, but I did so last night.

Natalie wanted some fried chicken, and, seeing as how it’s Chanukah, when fried food is traditional, I figured, “what the heck”

I used a gluten free recipe, to accommodate Sharon’s* sensitivity to wheat.  (Corn flake breading was out as well, because she and the kids have problems with that)

It turned out OK. The breading did not stick as well as I would have hoped, but it turned out moist.

One note, I used the beaten egg for the dredge, as opposed to the buttermilk presented as an alternative, kashrus, don’t you know.

It did involve a gawd awful amount of oil, I had to fill up the skillet about an inch deep to fry the chicken.

(on edit)

I didn’t brine,  and I used the egg wash, not the buttermilk.

*Love of my life, light of the cosmos, she who must be obeyed, my wife.

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