Well, I Promised Pictures

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Brains, Brains…

Brains, Brains

Or tuna. Tuna would be nice

Well, I did promise pictures of the new cats, so here are Mousetrap and Hummus (middle pic).

They seem to be settling in fairly well, though there does appear to be a bit of tense between the two of them.

Right now, there Mousetrap seems to be in the pole position for alpha cat, but we’ll see how it sorts out.

If it’s physical strength, it’s definitely Mousetrap, who is built like a tank, though I think that Hummus might be a bit quicker on her feet.


  1. DJ says:

    LOL of course you are correct, cats are evil, devious manipulators, we refer to our cat as AALD (automatic ankle laceration device).

    The "good cat" comment was to note the conformance of your new arrivals with standards of catness.

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