Google Agrees With Me

They think that software patents suck wet farts from dead pigeons too:

Google suggested today that it might be time for the U.S. to ditch software patents.

“One thing that we are very seriously taking a look at is the question of software patents, and whether in fact the patent system as it currently exists is the right system to incent innovation and really promote consumer-friendly policies,” said Pablo Chavez, Google’s public policy director.

Chavez’s remarks at the Technology Policy Institute’s conference here this morning come as the Mountain View, Calif. company is enmeshed in a series of legal actions involving software patents, including Oracle (which Google won at trial) and Apple (which is still pending).

Software patents have become increasingly controversial in technology circles, in part because of the rise of what are derisively called “patent trolls,” and in part because of the mixed quality of the patents that the U.S. government has granted. In April, Twitter announced a kind of Hippocratic Oath for tech companies, saying its patents would only be used for defensive purposes — not to block rivals from innovating.

How about throwing some money towards the whores in Congress investing in some lobbying to change the laws.

IP as currently administrated in the United States are a major impediment to innovation, not the incentive to innovation it is supposed to be.

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