So, Jon Stewart’s S-Word Unbleeped Was a One-Off

Roll George Carlin (NSFW)

It appears that “Sh%$ unbleeped will not be a regular part of the lexicon for The Daily Show:

“The Daily Show” is not changing its standards concerning which words it will bleep and which it won’t, though it might have seemed that way Wednesday night.


Comedy Central executives emphasized that the decision to leave the words in affected only the initial late-night showing of “The Daily Show” and the ones run later at night. All the words were cut from repeats run during daytime hours Thursday.

A spokesman for the network, Steve Albani, said in an e-mail comment:

“Occasionally we allow certain language to go unbleeped on the show during its late-night premiere and encore. When we do, we have an alternate, bleeped version which runs during the daytime in its encore time slots, which receive a broader audience.”

The decision to allow the language this time had mostly to do with the substance of the comedy piece, another Comedy Central executive said, and did not signal a change in the network’s overall approach to what it will permit to be said uncensored on the show.

 I am unclear as to why people are so frightened by a simple 1 syllable word, particularly on cable.

But you cannot say “Chaos ullsh%$ Mounting” without that word.

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