Someone Anonymous Headline Writer is Getting Himself Cut a New Asshole Right Now………*

Over at “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” they are writing about all those people in Washington who are eager to declare war on Syria and call it a no fly zone.

Unfortunately, a headline writer at the New York Times, did his job poorly, and so the title is, “G.O.P. Candidates Leading Charge in Call for Syrian No-Fly Zone.”

There is a small problem though, which is revealed on paragraph 3:

Hillary Rodham Clinton has split with President Obama, advocating a no-fly zone in an attempt to stop the bloodshed, reduce the flow of refugees and give the United States leverage against Russia.

Who knew that Hillary had joined the Republican Party?

On a slightly more serious note, when people are talking about a no-fly zone, they are taking about going to war against the government of Syria.

Enforcing a no fly zone requires that you suppress all air defenses, destroy infrastructure that might support air operations (like civilian power stations and the phone system), and bomb airfields.

I am so glad that I live in Maryland, where my vote for President does not count, because I am never voting again for frothing at the mouth war mongers like Clinton, because if Maryland is in play, then the election is already settled.

H/t Moon of Alabama.

*Full disclosure, when I worked at Jarvis Products on meat packing equipment, inducing a tool that actually cut a new asshole on cow, chicken, and pig carcasses.

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