This is a Good Old Fashioned Rat F%$#ing

Some how or other, the Washington, DC Democratic Party managed to be a day late with filing Sanders’ name to get him on the DC Democratic primary:

As a result of a registration error committed by the District of Columbia Democratic Party, Sen. Bernie Sanders won’t appear on the Washington D.C. ballot.

The Vermont senator’s name won’t appear on the ballot because the party submitted the requisite paperwork one day too late, according to NBC’s Washington affiliate, News4.

Both the Sanders’ campaign and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid the $2,500 fee to appear on the June 14 Democratic primary ballot on time but the district’s Democratic Party failed to inform the Washington D.C. Board of Elections until March 17, one day after the deadline.

Yes, a “registration error”.

I call yet another rat f%$#ing by the Democratic Party establishment.

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