1. Anonymous says:

    Hillary will make a great president…as great presidents are defined in this day and age. Keep us out of another mideast war? Even the playing field on wall street? Address gun control..and on and on. At least she needn't carry the burden of hanging people from banks and insurance companys. You know the ones…

    Berny?..obviously sharing the illusion with some the price tag for free everything..really isn't free. Too bad he couldn't take bushes tax cuts back from the 1%-ers and fund his programs from that.

    Hillary will add that womans touch which may cause an outburst of viable, scandal free social services for those that need it. The book she wrote.."it takes a villiage"…shows a lot of her character.

  2. First, I would note that Hillary is the most bellicose figure in the Democratic Party today. To suggest that that she will take extraordinary efforts to avoid war ignores the history.

    Second, I see higher taxes on the wealthy as in independent good regardless of programs, and Sanders speculation (Tobin) tax is also an independent good.

    I am sure that she will be good on abortion, and EEOC enforcement.

    As to the Wall Street? They are her campaign donors, and paid her a few hundred grand to suck up to them.

    She took the money because she wanted to suck up to them.

    As to adding a "woman's touch"?

    Probably as much as Obama focused on issues of race in America, which was as little as possible.

    So glas that I do not live in a swing state.

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