How Unsurprising

Fresh on statements that he would not attempt to have Hillary Clinton prosecuted, Donald Trump is contacting foreign governments to pressure them to investigate the Clinton Foundation:

While President-elect Donald Trump earlier announced a U-turn on investigating Hillary Clinton, he is now reportedly planning to pressure foreign governments to look into the finances of the Clinton Foundation.

During one of the campaign debates, Trump said once he is in the oval office he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s alleged misgivings, including the use of a private email server and involvement in the Clinton Foundation.

“You’d be in jail,” he warned his rival if he were to win the election.

After his election victory he made a U-turn on the threat. But according to the New York Post, the Trump administration would pressure foreign governments to investigate the financial dealings of the Clinton Foundation.

He gets to look magnanimous, and he gets to look shocked when he is “Forced” by new facts uncovered by foreign governments to go after a possible rival.

How convenient.

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