The Source of the Problem Spends $20 Million to Find the Source of the Problem

The pro-corporate anti-people wing of the Democratic party is set to spend $20 million to find someone else to blame:

Hoping to help Democrats recover from what it has dubbed the party’s “worst electoral position since the Civil War,” a centrist think tank is launching a $20 million campaign to study how the party lost its way and offer a new economic agenda for moving forward.

The think tank, Third Way, on Tuesday is set to launch “New Blue,” a campaign to help Democrats reconnect with the voters who have abandoned the party. The money will be spent to conduct extensive research, reporting and polling in Rust Belt states that once formed a Blue Wall, but which voted for president-elect Donald Trump last November.


Part of the economic message the group is driving — which is in line with its centrist ideology — is to steer the Democratic Party away from being led into a populist lurch to the left by leaders like Sen. Bernie Sanders or Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Let me save you $20 million:  Relentlessly careerist political operatives, who have never done an honest day’s work in their lives, and loathe those who do honest work, are the problem.

Look in the f$#@ing mirror, and quit sucking up to Wall Street and big Pharma.*

Better yet, why don’t you quit your damn job, and join a monastery, preferably one that has a vow of silence.

*I’m talking to you, Corey Booker.

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