So it’s the Ice Queen’s Kid?

So, Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch, the daughter of Anne Gor butsuch Burford, known as the “Ice Queen” by her staff during her brief tenure as the worst head ever of the EPA, is Donald Trump’s selection to replace Antonin Scalia.

I’m glad that the speculation is over, because the speculation had some of the stupidest sh%$ ever written, such as this paean to the alleged brilliance of Clarence Thomas, but this guy is actually to the right of Scalia, particularly with regard to administrative rulings.

The Democrats are promising a filibuster, but, true to form, the right wing Democrats upon which the establishment lavishes so much aid, are already lining up to knife the party in the back.

WV Senator Joe Manchin (Father of the Epipen profiteer) has already announced that he will not filibuster the appointment, and Senator Heidi Heitkamp has pretty much said as much.

The Republicans have threatened to nuke the filibuster, but they will do so eventually anyway.

If your Democratic Senator votes for cloture, don’t vote for them for reelection.  They don’t deserve your vote.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The country is deserving of a 5 – 4 red over blue supremes. They don't pay attention…they don't educate themselves on the people in govt…passed history of bad behavior,lying under oath, illegal rulings. But I guess since you don't care about more guns out there..more women having to go abroad to get abortions…Yeah! lets give it to the rightwing traitors…why postpone pain on the people?

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