Hung Parliament in the UK

Whatever the final result, our positive campaign has changed politics for the better.

— Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) June 9, 2017

Not all the votes are celled, but as it stands right now, 12:00 midnight EDT, it’s certain that the Tories will lose seats and it’s almost certain that they will not have an outright majority in parliament.  (Live results are here.)

So, either the Conservatives will have to find someone to join a coalition, most likely with the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland) or have a minority government.

I expect Theresa May to be out within the next few months, possibly replaced by Boris Johnson.

In addition to the Tories, the losers tonight appear to be the Scottish National Party (SNP) who have lost even more seats than the Conservatives, (-18 vs -14) and they started with a much smaller base.

I think that another referendum on Scottish independence is off the table for the immediate future,

It’s pretty clear that Jeremy Corbin is a winner, and the New Labour wing of the party who have sabotaged him at every turn are now doing their best to make nice.

I’m not sure how Corbyn will proceed from here, but he is now clearly and unequivocally the leader of Labour, which gives him some latitude to clean house within the party.

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