Yesterday, the Teabaggers had a major case of butt hurt over a series of tweets sent out by National Public Radio.

They claimed that they were an attempt to provoke a revolution against Donald Trump.  They were claiming that it was “fake news” and left wing propaganda.

One small problem, the series of 113 tweets was the declaration of independence:

For about 20 minutes Tuesday, NPR traveled back to 1776.

To echo its 29-year on-air tradition, the public radio network’s main Twitter account tweeted out the Declaration of Independence, line by line.

There — in 113 consecutive posts, in 140-character increments — was the text of the treasured founding document of the United States, from its soaring opening to its searing indictments of King George III’s “absolute tyranny” to its very last signature.

Who could have taken issue with such a patriotic exercise, done in honor of the nation’s birthday?

Quite a few people, it turned out.

Perhaps it was the Founding Fathers’ capitalization of random words or the sentence fragments into which some of the Declaration’s most recognizable lines were broken. But plenty of Twitter users reacted angrily to the thread, accusing NPR of spamming them — or, worse, trying to push an agenda.


You are claiming that the quoting the Declaration of Independence on Independence Day is a communist plot?

What the actual f%$#?

Where did you get your education, Hamburger University?

Seriously, if you freaked out over this, then you seriously need to evaluate your value system.

Also, take a history course, and try to actually read the founding documents that you claim to have so much affection for.

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