Meanwhile in Oregon*………

Oregon has passed passed “Fair Work Week” Legislation, which requires a week’s notice of employee schedules and a 10 break between shifts:

Oregon is set to become the first U.S. state requiring certain businesses to furnish workers with a week’s notice of their job schedules and a minimum of 10 hours rest between daily shifts under a bill that won final legislative approval on Thursday.

The bill, dubbed the “fair work week” act by supporters, is aimed at giving greater predictability to low-wage employees whose hours tend vary widely from day to day or week to week. Democratic Governor Kate Brown is expected to sign the bill into law.

The measure would go into effect next year and apply to Oregon workers on the payrolls of retail, food service and hospitality companies with at least 500 employees worldwide.

Under the bill, those companies must provide employees in Oregon, starting on July 18, with written estimates of their work schedules seven days in advance, with the required scheduling notice increased to two weeks beginning in July 2020.

Workers also would be entitled to a break of at least 10 hours between work shifts from one day to the next, and to receive extra pay if they agreed to a shorter rest interval – typically between closing hours at night and opening hours the next morning.

Moreover, the bill protects employees from workplace retaliation for merely expressing a scheduling preference to their bosses.

Work schedule predictability has emerged as a major issue causing growing anxiety in the American labor force even as the U.S. jobless rate has fallen to below-average levels.

My daughter works in a restaurant, and their weekly schedules frequently come out less than 24 hours before the new week.

It’s lazy management, and it they do it because they can.

Putting a cost of laziness on the employer is a very good thing.

*If I had said “Texas” or “Florida” instead of “Oregon”, you know that it would be a clusterf%$#, but in most other states, you have to read the article to figure out which way it goes.

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