I Need to Make My Web Site Tougher More Confusing and More Complex

A study has been made about so-called “Flat” user interfaces, and it turns out that they are 22% slower for users to navigate a site.

You are no doubt aware of it the trend. It’s the latest user interface fashion, favored by Apple and Google, among others.

It does boggle the mind that an interface created by Microsoft for its Zune® music player has taken user interface design by storm.

First, even by the standards of Microsoft, the Zune® was a miserable failure, and second, who in their right mind would steal user interface ideas from Microsoft?

The only explanation I have for this is a conspiracy theory:  I know from my Google analytics account that the amount of time the average user spends on the site is closely tracked. (They call it “Engagement”.)

This means that for advertising supported media, a second wasted is a second monetized.

I’m not actually going to make my site less intuitive, I rely on my ordinary thought processses to confuse my reader(s). It’s a matter of pride.

Neither would I suggest that you leave a tab open to my site in the background, as my making sush a suggestion would be a violation of the terms of service of Google Adsense.

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