Item Number 1033 of Things that I Thought I Would Never Say*

Yeah, I cannot believe that I just said that, but everyone’s favorite philandering self-important martinet just slapped down the Trump administration for saying that reporters should not fact check Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, on his the lies that he spewed a few days back.

ABC’s THIS WEEK host Martha Raddatz began her interview by asking Gen. Petraeus about this incident.

“I want to start with what the White House said, about it being highly inappropriate to debate a four-star general,” she said.

Petraeus replied, “Well, I think we’re all fair game.” He continued, “We, in uniform, protect the rights of those to criticize us, frankly.”

We live in strange times.

*The number one thing that I thought I would never say remains, as always, “It’s not buffet time at the Wildebeest.”

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