Facebook, Twitter, and Jewish Passover Songs

Someone on Facebook post complained about a Tweet calling Obama a Neoliberal tool.

I observed that many of his behaviors served the neoliberal playbook, and they replied, “You’re wildly wrong on the powers of POTUS if you think Obama was able to singlehandedly do quite a lot of that list,” and I replied:

He had a literal blank check or mortgage relief, and he “Foamed the Runways” (Geithner said that) for insolvent banks, it’s on him.

His decisions on target assassinations and his embrace of torturers and torture enablers were his decisions as CinC, it’s on him.

His decision not prosecute banksters was his AG’s decision, and he supported it, it’s on him.

He tried to push through TPP, it’s on him.

He did not lift a finger to support card check, it’s on him.

Sing to the tune of “Chad Gadya.”

I am feeling very smug about my bon mot right now.

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