The Republican won the random drawing in the Virginia House race, so ‘Phants continue their control of that body:

A Virginia elections official reached into an artsy bowl, pulled out a name and named Republican David E. Yan­cey the winner of a House of Delegates race that could determine which political party controls the chamber.

Triumphant Republicans declared that they would be in charge when the legislature reconvenes Wednesday. But Democrat Shelly Simonds did not concede, and she could request a second recount.

With that race in limbo and Democrats suing over another disputed Republican win, the GOP’s hold on a chamber it has dominated since 2000 remains tenuous. In a hearing Friday in federal court in Alexandria, Democrats will ask a judge to order a new election for a Fredericksburg-area House seat because nearly 150 voters were given the wrong ballots.

Thursday’s dramatic and rare election lottery, carried live on CNN, drew national attention as an odd way to decide a highly consequential contest. Simonds and a crowd of about 100 state officials, journalists and politicos crowded into the West Reading Room of the Patrick Henry Building for the event. Yancey was not present, although he sent a representative.

So, no Medicaid expansion then.

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