I Sent My Wife a Dick Pic the Other Day

My daughter, Natalie, is the stage manger of a production of the off Broadway play, I Love You, You’re Perfect, ……… Now Change.

It’s the, “New 2018 Revised and Updated Book & Score,” and so, unlike the early 1990s version, it has a musical number about the unfortunate habit that some men have of sending the object of their affection pictures of portions of their anatomy.

Sharon* turned to me and made a comment about how she would have given me the boot if I had done this to her when we were dating.

Seeing as how I am an unmitigated ass, I saw this as a challenge, so I sent her a picture of Dick, specifically Tricky Dick, aka Richard Milhous Nixon.

Have I mentioned that Sharon* is a saint? If she weren’t should have murdered me many years ago.

*Love of my life, light of the cosmos, she who must be obeyed, my wife.

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