Making Donald Trump Look Good

Only the Tories in the UK could make the Trump administration look competent.

They just send a mass letter addressed to one ‘Dear Mr F%$#ingjoking’, which was clearly not their intent:

Britain’s ruling Conservative Party was today forced to apologise to an elderly couple that received a letter, signed from the PM, addressed to a Mr Youmustbe F*ckingjoking.

The letter was posted on Twitter this week by Laura McCormack, who said it had been passed to her by her neighbours.

“Dear Mr F%$#ingjoking,” begins the mass-produced mailer, which has ‘The Rt Hon Theresa May MP’ emblazoned across the top, alongside a picture of the leader, (poison) pen and paper in hand.

“Thanks to your support, our Conservative Government is building a Britain that is fit for the future.”

It then goes on to ask for more cash for its campaign manager fund, directing recipients to fill in its donation form, which is also headed up “Mr Youmustbe F%$%#ingjoking” above the address.

The recipient, Raja Habib, of Brixton, London, told The PA: “At first I thought it was a scam…I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Not only did they send it out, the sent it out as a party fundraiser.

Even the Trumpster fire is not that incompetent.

Good luck with Brexit.

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