You Should Have Thought about That before You Sold Your Soul to the Devil, You Contemptible Tools

As Jon Stewart Said, Go F%$# Yourself

It appears that white Evangelical leaders are having major butt-hurt because the general public is realizing that they sold their souls to Donald Trump to feed their need to hate Muslims, Jews, Brown People, the LGBT, and Unitarians.

If you don’t want to be called a hypocrite, it starts with not actually being a hypocrite:

About 50 top leaders of major evangelical institutions will attend an invitation-only gathering this week to discuss the future and the “soul” of evangelicalism at a time when many of them are concerned their faith group has become tainted by its association with divisive politics under President Trump. It runs Monday and Tuesday.

The diverse group, which includes nationally known pastors such as Tim Keller and A.R. Bernard, is expected to include leaders of major ministries, denominations, colleges and seminaries. The gathering will take place at Wheaton College, an evangelical college outside of Chicago, according to organizer Doug Birdsall, honorary chair of Lausanne, an international movement of evangelicals.

The gathering, which has been in the works for several months and was discussed at evangelist Billy Graham’s funeral last month, will take place before the expected meeting of a separate group of evangelicals who advise, defend and praise Trump. Those leaders, which include members of Trump’s informal advisory council, are considering convening at Trump International Hotel in Washington in June.


“When you Google evangelicals, you get Trump,” Birdsall said. “When people say what does it mean to be an evangelical, people don’t say evangelism or the gospel. There’s a grotesque caricature of what it means to be an evangelical.”

These folks, even if they did not explicitly support Trump, they have been willfully blind to the fact that their most prominent compatriots alibiing for a man with the moral ugliness of Dorian Gray.

This is not a PR issue.  This is an issue of your own moral failings.

You have laid down with dogs, and woken up with fleas.

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