Some Commentaries on the White House Correspondents’s Dinner

First, read Matt Taibbi, who unloads a righteous can of whup ass on the chorus of whines from the “elite” press that must be read, and while both the New York Times and the Washington Post published articles that similarly extolled the virtues of comedy and the condemned the general uselessness of the establishment press.  (Here and here)

Basically, it’s the same pathetic self important hurt feelings that we saw after Stephen Colbert cut the White House press corps(e) a new asshole in 2006.

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  1. Quasit says:

    It's funny (and a bit painful) to read the comments on the WaPo piece; the degree of self-delusion on both sides is incredible. Republicans see Wolf as a screeching leftist she-beast filled with obscenity and hate; Democrats see her as an avatar of Archangel Hillary, descending from Heaven and slaying the Unnameable Orange One with deadly barbs of truth.

    Almost no one seems to have noticed that she was attacking the entire political establishment – left, right, and most particularly, the press.

    Sometimes, I think that our species *deserves* to go extinct.

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