Tonight is Primary Night

And Democrats are nervous, not just because there are a lot of folks running who won’t be sucking up to Wall Street, there is also the peculiarities of California’s “Jungle” primary, where the top two vote getters, regardless of party, end up on the general election ballot.

Obviously, the local Democratic party should try to change their primary system through initiative petition route, but the problem is also symptomatic of a larger, and broader problem with the national party.

You see, the DCCC, DNC and their consultant Evil Minions have been aggressively recruiting self-funding political neophytes, because if you are a political consultant, candidates wasting money make you more money, because you get a portion of their advertising buys as your fee.

We are seeing a lot more people running than normal this year, because, at least on the Democratic Party side, a lot of politically experienced people have determined that this is a good year to run.

When you add to this all the rich dentists, lawyers, and random lottery winners who have been prompted to run because they have been feted and flattered by political fundraisers for years, and now the Beltway grifters convinced them that this is their time.

It goes without saying that I think that the current professional staff, both the consultants and the party establishment, they seem to go through that revolving door every 2 or 3 years, need to be turfed out.

Election results, at least for California, won’t be coming out for a few hours, and I will be a sleep.

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