Another Progressive Upset

Andrew Gillum who was massively outspent by his opponents, won the Democratic primary for Governor in Florida.

Here is my favorite bit:

“My opponents have spent, together, over $90 million in this race. We have spent four” million, he said. “Money doesn’t vote. People do.”

Mr. Gillum edged Ms. Graham, a former North Florida congresswoman who finished second, and Mr. Levine, the former Miami Beach mayor who finished third after dropping nearly $30 million of his personal fortune into the campaign. Ms. Graham, a moderate, had been considered the favorite in a midterm year in which many Democratic women have fared well.

Also this:

Mr. Gillum’s unexpected nomination represents a sharp break with recent Florida midterm elections in which Democratic voters nominated somewhat bland moderates to try to win in a purple state. Instead, they lost over and over again: Democrats have not held the Florida governor’s mansion in two decades, and they lost the past two governor’s elections by a single percentage point.

Yes, they ran a colorless candidate and then a former Republican political hack and they both lost to governor Bat Boy.

This time, the establishment wanted Bob Graham’s kid, because nepotism works so well at getting candidates elected.

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