The Law, in its Infinite Majesty………

There is now a bill on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk, and given his corporatist bent, he will to sign it, that passes PG&E’s liability for the wildfires onto its rate payers:

A bill requiring customers to bail out PG&E for liabilities stemming from the 2017 Northern California fires is now on the governor’s desk awaiting his signature.

SB901 passed both houses late Friday night. The controversial part of the bill addresses the wildfires, including those that burned in the North Bay.

Cal Fire investigators determined that 11 of the fires were caused by PG&E. They have turned those cases over to the corresponding District Attorney’s offices. PG&E could be on the hook for millions — even billions — in damages.

“Before we know what PG&E’s liabilities are, we’ve already given a bailout and that’s wrong,” said State Sen. Jerry Hill. “What we voted on last night was to allow PG&E, if they are negligent and can’t afford to pay that liability, we will pass that cost onto ratepayers, make them pay for it,” Hill said, referring to PG&E customers.

What a surprise:  once again PG&E has proved that bribing public officials gives a better return investments in safety and technology.

The law is only for poor people.

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