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Woodward is sometimes an unreliable narrator and his sources are always self-serving. But in this case, his sources are also not well in the head, casting more than usual doubt on accuracy.

— Dan Froomkin (@froomkin) September 4, 2018

This is pretty much my take on Woodward’s book about Trump as well

Woodward has always practiced a sort of journalism that has worked on the private agendas of his sources, and pretty much every one of his sources is from the Trump administration, which means that, by definition, they are a morass of bigotry, psychoses, idiocy, and malice.

Under such circumstances, a sense of perspective, and the ability not to miss the forest for the trees, is important, and Woodward is lacking here.

What frightens me is that his latest freak show may be soft pedaling reality as a result.

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