What a Pathetic Punk

If you ever want to see a portrait of cowardice, just watch Brett Kavanaugh slink away from the parent of a Parkland shooting victim:

When the father of a school shooting victim held out his hand to Donald Trump’s nominee for the supreme court on Tuesday, Judge Brett Kavanaugh looked at him, then turned without saying a word and walked out.

“I put out my hand and I said: ‘My name is Fred Guttenberg, father of Jaime Guttenberg, who was murdered in Parkland,’ and he walked away,” Guttenberg said in an interview with the Guardian.

The moment was captured in dramatic photographs, as well as on video from several different angles. In a statement after the incident, a White House spokesman said that “an unidentified individual” had approached Kavanaugh as he was preparing to leave for the confirmation hearing’s lunch break and that “before the Judge was able to shake his hand, security had intervened”.

 “If you watch the video, you see that’s not the case, ” Guttenberg said. “What the White House said was not true.”

Kavanaugh made eye contact with him “long enough for me to say who I was”, Guttenberg said. “He could have absolutely shook my hand and said: ‘I’m sorry for your loss.’ I mean – if nothing else.”

He’s a miserably excuse for a human being completely lacking in decency.

In other words, the very modern model of the modern Republican judicial nominee.

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