Tru Dat

I know that we are living in Bizarro world when Donald Trump is telling the truth.

In this case, he told the King of Saudi Arabia that they were dependent on the US for their continued survival.

Taking down the corrupt creeps in the House of Saud, even rhetorically, is a good thing:

President Donald Trump made an undiplomatic remark about close ally Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, saying he warned Saudi Arabia’s King Salman he would not last in power “for two weeks” without the backing of the U.S. military.

“We protect Saudi Arabia. Would you say they’re rich. And I love the King, King Salman. But I said ‘King — we’re protecting you — you might not be there for two weeks without us — you have to pay for your military,'” Trump said to cheers at a rally in Southaven, Mississippi.

I don’t know if  he actually said this to representatives of the House of Saud, Trump has a long history of blowing smoke up people’s asses, but the statement is pretty accurate with regard to the to the real value of the few thousand thieves who claim to be princes.

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