The Term Here is “Corrupt”

In July, I commented on a how a real Democrat won the primary for Montgomery County executive, and the party establishment there saw this as a threat to their bribes support from real estate developers, so they stood up a Democrat who changed her party registration for an independent bid to sabotage his run.

Well, now Nancy Floreen is trying to claim that she was really a Democrat the whole time.

She was never a Democrat. She was a tool of the developers who found pretending to be a Democrat was useful.

It’s time for the Democratic Party of Montgomery County to tell her to pound sand, and say, “No backsies.”

Montgomery County executive candidate Nancy Floreen says she will return to the Democratic fold after the Nov. 6 election — regardless of whether her independent bid for the liberal county’s top post is successful.

Floreen, a 16-year county council member and two-time delegate to the Democratic National Convention, left the party in July to make a surprise run for county executive, gathering enough petition signatures to appear on the November ballot.

The move was prompted by her opposition to the Democratic nominee, 12-year council member Marc Elrich. It left some Democrats feeling betrayed.

At a candidate debate Wednesday morning hosted by the Greater Bethesda U.S. Chamber of Commerce and moderated by Bethesda Magazine editor and publisher Steve Hull, Floreen said she would re-register as a Democrat if she’s elected.

Floreen later said she plans to return to the party regardless of the outcome of the election, “because I am a Democrat at heart.”

“I only changed parties in order to run the petition drive,” she said. “I’ve been very upfront about that.”

You are a contemptible piece of excrement, you’ve been very upfront about that.

BTW, whenever you hear a corporate Democrat call for unity, know that it’s only a one way street.

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