Round Up the Usual Suspects

Somewhere around half a dozen bombs sent to various Democratic Party, progressive, and news media.
This is in addition to the bomb placed in George Soros’ mailbox yesterday:

Pipe bombs were sent to several prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, setting off an intense investigation on Wednesday into whether figures vilified by the right were being targeted.

From Washington to New York to Florida, where a congresswoman who is the former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee has her office, the authorities intercepted a wave of crudely built devices that were contained in manila envelopes.

In the center of Manhattan, the Time Warner Center, an elegant office and shopping complex, was evacuated because of a pipe bomb sent to CNN, which has its New York offices there. It was addressed to John O. Brennan, a critic of President Trump who served as Mr. Obama’s C.I.A. director.


The F.B.I. said the devices were similar to one found Monday at the home of George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist and liberal donor, in a New York City suburb.

Gee, now there is a surprise.

It appears that whoever did this was targeting, “East Coast Liberal Elites,” which does indicate who the likely suspects might be:

I will note, as Matt Tiabbi has, that this is early in the story, and the speculation by the talking heads on the cable news is more likely wrong than right.

My money is still on it being some right-wing nut job.

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