This is not an Accident, this is a Sistah Soulja Moment

French President Emmanuel Macron just lauded antisemitic traitor Philippe Pétain, former President of the puppet Vichy Republic.

This was not a slip of the tongue. This was a not particularly subtle appeal to supporters of the racist National Front, because he is concerned that his policy of f%$#ing the average French worker like a drunk sorority girl will lead to a further rise Marine Le Pen which would threaten his hold on power.

It is a chickensh%$ move from a chickensh%$ politician:

Nazi collaborator Philippe Pétain during centenary commemorations marking the end of World War One later this week.

Mr Macron said Marshal Pétain was a “great soldier”, even though he had made “disastrous choices” during WW2.

Pétain was praised for the defence of Verdun in 1916, but he was sentenced to death for high treason after WW2.

Some French politicians and Jewish leaders condemned Mr Macron’s comments.

What is going on here is very clear: Macron is going full pander to bigots, because he’s worried about Le Pen, whose base is profoundly bigoted.

Macron is a contemptible pissant.

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