bbCodeWebEx Custom Tags & Advanced Use

Available codes:

(Note: these are case sensitive, and they can be used multiple times in a single menu.)

  • {{clipboard}}: This pastes in the current clipboard contents where it is placed.
  • {{selection}}: This pastes in the currently selected texts where it is placed.

Example: [url={{clipboard}}]{{selection}}[/url]
So if you copy a url, and select text, this would add a link to it for bbCode, and around the code words are double curly braces, “{}“.

Here is an example of using the tag more than once.

This right justifies an image, sizes it to 200 pixels wide, and adds a link to the fullsize image that pops up in blogger:

<a href="{{clipboard}}"><img src="{{clipboard}}" style="margin: 0px 0px 10px 10px; float: right; cursor: pointer;" width="200"></a>

Nice picture, huh?

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

JSON array format:

It is basically a text format (UTF-8 character set) that this extension uses to externally save data.

Here are the first three standard custom tags that come with the extension.

Note that the last one does NOT have a comma after the closing curly brace.

Theoretically, you could manually edit these, and if you wanted to combine two sets of custom tags, you could with a cut and paste, making sure that all of the closing closing braces are followed by a comma, except for the last one.

"menuId": "bbcwbx.custom.001",
"menuTitle": "First custom menu",
"parentId": "bbcwbx.custom",
"menuArg": "Arg 1",
"icons": ""
"menuId": "bbcwbx.custom.002",
"menuTitle": "Second custom menu",
"parentId": "bbcwbx.custom",
"menuArg": "Arg 2",
"icons": ""
"menuId": "bbcwbx.custom.003",
"menuTitle": "Third custom menu",
"parentId": "bbcwbx.custom",
"menuArg": "Arg 3",
"icons": ""

The indents and the new lines here just for readability.

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