Bye Felicia………

It looks like Uber’s business model has just become illegal in the UK:

Uber has lost its latest court bid to stop its British drivers being classified as workers, entitling them to rights such as the minimum wage, in a decision which jeopardizes the taxi app’s business model.

Two drivers successfully argued at a tribunal in 2016 that the Silicon Valley firm exerted significant control over them to provide an on-demand service, and that they should cease to be considered as self-employed, which gives few protections in law.

An employment appeal tribunal upheld that decision last year, prompting Uber to go to the Court of Appeal. On Wednesday, a majority of judges there said they agreed with the previous verdicts and rejected Uber’s arguments.


Uber said it would appeal the verdict, meaning the legal process will continue.

In Britain, the self-employed are entitled to only basic protections such as health and safety, but workers receive the minimum wage, paid holidays and rest breaks. Uber has introduced a number of benefits for drivers this year.

Uber’s business model is predicated on abusing its workers and evading regulations.

It’s really nice to see the noose tightening.

I just hope that the bubble bursts before the IPO, so that the early funders lose their shirts.

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