Hoo Boy!

You know the Russian meddling in the Senate election where Doug Jones defeated Roy “10 Commandments” Moore?

It not turns out that it was a false flag operation by a Democratic Party consultant: (I’m sure that he was well remunerated)

Reid Hoffman, the tech billionaire whose money was spent on Russian-style social media deception in a Senate race last year, apologized on Wednesday, saying in a statement that he had not approved the operation and did not support such tactics in American politics.

Why am I thinking that Mr. Hoffman is lying through his teeth, and that he either knew what was going on, or was willfully blind?

Mr. Hoffman said he had no idea that political operatives whose work he had financed had used fakery on Facebook and Twitter in the special Senate election a year ago in Alabama. But he had an obligation to track how his money was spent, he said, and he promised to exercise more care in the future.


The New York Times and The Washington Post reported last week that $100,000 from Mr. Hoffman was spent on a deceptive social media campaign to aid Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate, who barely defeated the Republican, Roy Moore.


They also used thousands of Twitter accounts to make it appear as if automated Russian bot accounts were following and supporting Mr. Moore, according to an internal report on the project. The apparent Russian support for Mr. Moore drew broad news media coverage.

(emphasis mine)

It really remarkable just how facile the Democratic Party political consultant community has in stepping on their own penises.

Yet another example of how the Dems snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

We really need to fire the whole lot of them.

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