The Difference Between Sanders and Warren

I like Elizabeth Warren, but I’m gonna go with Bernie Sanders, because he gets it.

Let’s compare the quotes of big Pharma price gouging:


Giant companies may hate my Affordable Drug Manufacturing bill – but I don’t work for them. The American people deserve competitive markets and fair prices. By fixing the broken generic drug market, we can bring the cost of prescriptions down.


If the pharmaceutical industry will not end its greed, which is literally killing Americans, then we will end it for them.

Most Democrats, even  liberal ones, are unwilling to place this in moral terms, which leaves you with, “Not as bad as the other guy.”

They are prisoners of a system which is immoral, and they lack the ability to see it.

If you do not feel outrage, you a mindful human being, that’s probably the nicest way I can put it.

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