You Call This a Line?

It appears that is quite a queue forming to deface the soon to be erected statue of Margaret Thatcher in Grantham:

A statue of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher in her home town of Grantham will require a high plinth to curb the threat of vandalism, according to police.

Plans to install the £300,000 statue on a 10ft-high platform will be voted on next week amid fears it could become a “likely target for politically-motivated vandals”.

However, the police added that despite a “motivated far-left movement… who may be committed to public activism” who are against Mrs Thatcher “the passage of time does seem to have diminished that feeling”.

Which is why you are mounting it on a. “10ft-high platform,” because, “The passage of time,” has diminished the (well deserved) ire towards her.

“A threat assessment has been carried out by Lincolnshire Police who consider there is a possibility any public statue of Baroness Thatcher could be a target for politically motivated vandals.

“Lincolnshire Police’s Crime Prevention Officer has not objected to the proposal but they have recommended the statue is placed on a sufficiently high plinth and is sited in a location that benefits from good natural surveillance as well as lighting and CCTV.”

I actually have a compromise suggestion that might solv things, Put up the statue, but do so behind bars.

The mindful human beings can then look at her as she should have been, while the Tories can be secure in the fact that the hoi polloi will be kept from her.

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