When the DCCC Calls for Money………

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s promise to the insurance companies that there won’t ever be Medicare for all.

I am not suggesting that you close your wallet for the 2020 election season, but I AM suggesting that allowing the party establishment to decide where YOUR money goes is a sucker bet”

Less than a month after Democrats — many of them running on “Medicare for All” — won back control of the House of Representatives in November, the top health policy aide to then-prospective House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Blue Cross Blue Shield executives and assured them that party leadership had strong reservations about single-payer health care and was more focused on lowering drug prices, according to sources familiar with the meeting.

Pelosi adviser Wendell Primus detailed five objections to Medicare for All and said that Democrats would be allies to the insurance industry in the fight against single-payer health care. Primus pitched the insurers on supporting Democrats on efforts to shrink drug prices, specifically by backing a number of measures that the pharmaceutical lobby is opposing.

Primus, in a slide presentation obtained by The Intercept, criticized single payer on the basis of cost (“Monies are needed for other priorities”), opposition (“Stakeholders are against; Creates winners and losers”), and “implementation challenges.” We have recreated the slides for source protection purposes.

An added benefit to not giving to the DCCC is that the DC consultants won’t siphon away 60% of your donations to line their own pockets.

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