Elliot Abrams (יש”ו) Completely Loses his Sh%$

Elliot Abrams is suffering from a severe lead deficiency

This video shows Elliot Abrams, a man who supported and justified the murder of civilians, genocide, and the rape and murder of nuns in the 1980s, expressing shock and outrage that he was confronted on his record of psychopathic mayhem. (And his record of lying to Congress, but that’s a pretty minor mark on his ledger by comparison)

The very serious people in Washington are shocked that freshman Representative Ilhan Omar actually confronted him about this.

F%$# those delicate snowflakes, and f%$# them for rehabilitating a f%$#ing genocidal maniac.

May their names be obliterated as well. (that is what יש”ו stands for)

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