Clearly Bernie’s Support Is Limited to White Sexist and Racist Bernie Bros, and (According to Gloria Steinem) the Women Who Want to F%$# Them.

The most recent poll of voters regarding announced Democratic Presidential candidates shows that Bernie Sanders is leading Kamala Harris by about 2:1 among black Democrats, the next closest candidate:

Three weeks after launching his presidential campaign, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is leading all other announced candidates in support from black voters, a new poll finds. The only potential candidate who polled better with African-Americans than Sanders, according to the poll by Morning Consult, is former Vice President Joe Biden, who has not announced a campaign.

Despite a persistent notion that his supporters are disproportionately white male “bros,” the new survey suggests that Sanders is actually slightly more popular among black Democratic voters than white ones, indicating that the narrative that developed during the 2016 campaign may no longer hold, if it ever did.

Sanders’s support among black voters, at 28 percent, puts him in second place among that demographic, behind Biden, at 32 percent. He trailed Biden 31-25 among whites.

There appears to be a strong class element at play in the finding. The same poll found that the demographics Sanders is least popular with — at 19 and 17 percent, respectively — are Democrats who make more than $100,000 per year and Democrats who have post-graduate degrees (two qualities that typically, if not always, overlap). Because of structural wealth and income gaps, that population is heavily white.

Yes, the headline is David Brock style trolling, and yes, Gloria Steinem actually basically said that on Bill Maher’s show in 2016.

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