Historical Tweet of the Day

Картелизация, монополизация во всех секторах экономики, приход банковского капитала во все сферы, от телевидения до ритейла, вывоз капитала и использование наемников для его защиты – это, конечно, совсем не то, о чем В.И.Ленин писал в своей давно потерявшей актуальность брошюре. pic.twitter.com/SEic3Ym7nN

— Константин Семин (@KSyomin) March 27, 2019

The translation reads:

Cartelization, monopolization in all sectors of the economy, the arrival of bank capital in all areas, from television to retail, the export of capital and the use of mercenaries to protect it – this, of course, is not at all what Lenin wrote about in his long-lost relevance brochure.

This reminds me of a joke in Russia from the 1990s, “Everything the Soviets ever told us about Communism was a lie. Unfortunately, everything they told us about capitalism was true.”

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