And the Ukraine Elects a Comedian

Volodymyr Zelensky just just beat incumbent President Petro Poroshenko like an old rug, defeating him with 73% of the vote.

In large part, this was a rebuke to the Ukrainian establishment that is seen as ineluctably corrupt by the average citizen.

It should be noted that Poroshenko was largely stood up by the the West, particularly the US under the stewardship of Victoria Nuland, so, at least in (very small) part, this election could be seen as a rejection of Western meddling in the Ukraine.

I do hope that Zelensky takes move against the neo-Nazis like the Azov Battalion, the Svoboda party, and the Pravyi Sektor party, who, after want him dead because he is a zhid (Jew), but I do not expect anything to come of this.

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