The Saddest Thing that I Have Heard in a Long Time

At the Stem Highlands Range charter school in suburban Denver, CO, there was another shooting.

It barely qualifies as news these days, there seems to be a school shooting every week or so.

On the other hand, this comment by an 8th grader, Gianni, is positively heart breaking:

Her son, 8th-grader Gianni, chimed in. He talked about the gunshots he heard, about how everyone fell quiet, about how he “just sat there and prayed.”

Gianni said he wasn’t surprised by what happened. He was remarkably composed for a kid just hours removed from such a harrowing scene.

I always knew. I live close to Columbine. I always knew this would happen,” he told me. “It’s bound to happen sooner or later.

(emphasis mine)

F%$# the NRA.  F%$# Wayne LaPierre, F%$# the political cowards who dance to his tune.

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