Democratic Centrists in a Nutshell

Just weeks after claiming that he is standing with Uber drivers, Pete Buttigieg is fundraising with the executives who are abusing those drivers.

It’s sh%$ like this that get people voting for Republicans.

People would rather vote for someone who says that they will do their best to f%$# you, and are telling the truth, than they would for someone who says that they are here to help, and are lying:

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is set to attend a fundraiser with a top Uber executive just weeks after expressing solidarity for drivers protesting the ridesharing company.

The Indiana Democrat is one of 14 presidential candidates who will descend on San Francisco this weekend for the California Democratic Party State Convention. Between attending an SEIU California Democratic Delegate breakfast on Saturday morning and addressing convention goers later that afternoon, he will headline a fundraiser in Oakland hosted, in part, by Uber executive Chelsea Kohler, the rideshare company’s director of product communications.

It is a dissonant move for a candidate who fewer than three weeks ago voiced his support for striking Uber drivers demanding an end to pay cuts and a drivers’ bill of rights ahead of the ridesharing company’s initial public offering on Wall Street.


Chris Meagher, Buttigieg’s national press secretary, declined to comment. But an organizer with the Los Angeles-based drivers’ association told The Daily Beast that the candidate’s decision to fundraise with an Uber executive was untenable with his support for the contracted drivers.

When push comes to shove, he’s going to stand with his donors, and former classmates, like Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, and not the rest of us.

We’ve seen this before.

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