Unleashing the Power of the free Market

Remember how Ajit Pai promised that eliminating net neutrality would lead to an explosion of investment and improved service?

Well, not so much.

As has literally always been the case, deregulation has led to a drop in infrastructure spending and service quality:

A year ago, Trump FCC Chairman (and former Verizon exec) Ajit Pai killed Net Neutrality, leveraging illegal, fraudulent industry dirty tricks to ram his rule through the process; all along, he claimed that Net Neutrality was a drag on investment, competition and service improvements, and that Americans would see immediate benefits once he was done killing Net Neutrality.

It’s been a year, and while Pai has touted major gains in broadboand investment, these were also a fraud, with the big telcos slashing investment, slashing jobs, sucking up massive tax subsidies (no, even more massive), while continuing to deliver the slowest, most expensive data in any developed country.

Veteran telcoms journalist Rob Rogoraro digs into Pai’s claims in depth, finding them to be baseless: since the slaughter of Net Neutrality, investment and service are worse, and prices are higher.

Seriously, people have improved internet through deregulation for decades,. and the result has always been reduced quality, increased prices, and more monopoly rents.

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