Boeing Cannot Make Aircraft Anymore

The 767 first flew in 1981. The first cargo variant from the plant, as opposed to a conversion, was delivered in 1995.

And they cannot make the f%$#ing cargo tie downs work?

The financialization of Boeing is complete:

The U.S. Air Force has identified a potential new design flaw with the KC-46A tanker and banned the fleet from carrying cargo or passengers until a solution is found and delivered.

Multiple cargo locks embedded in the floor of the aircraft released inadvertently during a recent operational test and evaluation flight, according to a statement by Air Mobility Command (AMC).


An uncommanded release of the cargo locks could allow pallets of cargo or passenger seats to shift position during flight, potentially changing the center of gravity of the aircraft.

In response, the Air Force generated the third unresolved Category 1 deficiency report charged to the KC-46 program, AMC says. A Category 1 deficiency reflects an identified risk that jeopardizes lives or critical assets.

The Air Force agreed to accept the first KC-46 last January despite two Category 1 deficiencies still pending.

Seriously, whiskey tango foxtrot.

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