Burying the Lede

So, the Washington Post has an article titled Four big facts that blow up the GOP’s latest defense of Trump, and the 4th fact should be the bloody headline, on page 1 in 72 point bold:


Pence directly delivered the message about suspended aid to Ukraine.

On Sept. 1, the same day Sondland informed a top Zelensky aide that the military aid was conditional, Vice President Pence met with Zelensky.

Zelensky raised the withheld aid with Pence. And as The Post reports, Pence informed Zelensky that the administration was “still looking at” the aid, i.e., it was on hold. Pence also told Zelensky he needed to do more to fight “corruption.”

So, Mike Pence  is a co-conspirator.

One hopes that the House looks into this in a through manner.

I wouldn’t mind a few months of President Pelosi.

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