Speaking of Horrible Companies You Should Never Do Business With………

That perennial fan favorite Amazon is lighting up the statistics for workplace injuries, a data point that surprise no one:

Amazon is facing renewed scrutiny over working conditions at its warehouses following two new reports published Monday.

In one report, Gizmodo analyzed injury reports that Amazon had submitted as required by law to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a federal workplace-safety agency. According to Gizmodo, by Amazon’s own count, injury rates at its facility in the New York City borough of Staten Island were more than three times the industry average.

Gizmodo also found that the injuries were often apparently severe, with Amazon workers missing an average of 64 days an injury.


In a separate investigation published by Reveal and The Atlantic, injury reports obtained from 23 of Amazon’s 110 warehouses in the US showed that the rates of serious injuries at those locations were more than twice the industry average.


The Reveal investigation also included several workers’ accounts of their experience at the company, including an incident during a gas leak at a warehouse in California, in which workers accused Amazon management of refusing to stop operations — even after a 911 dispatcher instructed workers to evacuate the building — telling workers to use personal time if they wanted to leave.

Amazon is claiming that this is because they are the only company out there accurately reporting workplace incidence.

The technical term for this is bullsh%$.

Again, I will note that if they treat their employees like crap, they will do the same to their customers.

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