The Tories have won big in today’s election, having picked up about 60 seats and an absolute majority.

The SNP won big as well, gaining 12 seats, and how holding almost all the constituencies in Scotland

Labour lost about 40 seats, and the Lib-Dems lost about half of their seats (down to 8), including that of their party leader.

The singular issue for this election was Brexit, Labour tried to thread the needle on Brexit, calling for a second referendum, which was clearly a losing proposition, and the Liberal-Democrats were explicitly campaigning on not leaving the EU.

Both of these were clearly unwise politically.

Corbyn did not immediately resign, but he did announce that he would not be party leader for the next election, which provides a chance for a more orderly transition over the next few weeks.

The next few years in the OK are going to be a complete sh%$ show with the that blonde weasel Boris Johnson as PM:

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will remain in place as Labour leader while his party undertakes a “period of reflection” after suffering catastrophic election losses in its traditional heartlands.

Speaking at his own count in Islington North, Corbyn insisted Labour’s policies had proven popular with the electorate, and attacked the media’s portrayal of him and his party.

“I will not lead the party in any future general election campaign. I will discuss with our party to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will take going forward. And I will lead the party during that period to ensure that discussion takes place and we move on into the future,” he said.

I do hope that the party does not rush pell-mell back to Blairism, because BoJo will almost certainly try to destroy what remains of the modern British welfare state, including, despite his protestation, the National Health Service. (NHS)


  1. Anonymous says:

    The polling data for the election indicated that Brexit was not a leading issue on determining the vote (perhaps 17% of voters chose this), but their feelings about Corbyn (42%) (See the Economist), NHS and other issues even lower.

    Now, we all know, from Ken Livingstone no less, who the cause of this was — Mossad and British Jews.

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